Aries In The City

Welcome To My First Post On WordPress!

Hey guys!

I am finally all moved into WordPress and let me just say that I am loving it! I hope you all love the new design and can give me some great feedback. I am still getting into the groove of things and with a full time job and a new part time internship, it has been so hard to get organized with my life and especially keeping this blog updated. So go easy on me!

So what am I up to now? Well I have been trying out some new products that I will be sharing with you all in the distant future so keep a lookout for that. As I mentioned earlier, I started a new internship recently and boy is it a lot of work! I was ready to start a new career but I thought going the internship route would be great for me to really hone in my skills in Digital Marketing and PR. Things have been extremely busy here to say the least but I hope I can better organize my time from now on. Maybe you all have some ideas on how I can accomplish that?

Of course everything hasn’t been entirely all work and no play. Iv’e made some time to visit with friends and do a little (or lots) of shopping from time to time. I also got back into growing plants so I now have a collection going by my bedroom window and I can be spotted in plant shops more often. Of course I can’t forget my favorite spot in DC which is the Arboretum.

Who else has been as busy as I have been?