Great Deals that don't Weigh on Your Wallet

There is nothing like getting a new item, whether it's shoes or that skirt you were dying to get. Every time I order something new or when I go into one of my favorite stores and come out with new clothes. It feels great when you can get out and purchase everything you wanted in the store. But this is the real world and most times you just can't get everything you want, especially not if you are working with a budget. Luckily for us, we have some options.

First, don't knock out big and cheap department store chains. My top four are Ross Stores, Burlington Coat Factory, TJ MAXX, and Marshall's. I can usually find popular brands at these stores at more than half the costs! they may not have all the in season high end brands all the time, but they also aren't selling something from twenty seasons ago either. I have found a pair of in season name brand shoes at Ross for half the price it was offered at another store. You really never know what you might find.


I have been on a major shoe binge lately and now I can't stop buying them. The other day I bought some brand new shoes as well as a few other items from Burlington Coat Factory and I only spent a little over $100 dollars on my purchases. Shoe brands included BCBG, Chinese Laundry, Calvin Klein, and Steve Madden. These were all great quality shoes and brands that I love. The cheapest shoes were $9.99 and the most expensive was $29.99. And these are just shoes alone!

What about you guys? Where do you like to find a good bargain? Let me know in the comment section.