Bikini Season is Here and it's Time to Find the Perfect Suit


With the summer season right around the corner, it's the perfect time to start planning vacations, trips, getaways and most importantly what to wear! And what's more important, during the summertime, than a great swimsuit? 

I have always struggled with finding that perfect bathing suit. Unfortunately, the way my body is set up, it's always been a tricky situation. Being petite and top heavy has made it difficult to find a perfect swim suit. Even more difficult is finding your perfect size on a budget. The suits are either a small everywhere or a large everywhere whereas I am small in some places and large in others. I love the cute cutout one pieces but finding a small sized one that is also large enough to fit my upper half is a major challenge. Also, most bikinis are sold in sets but the problem with that is that the sizing is the same for the tops and bottoms. So if you find a small bikini, both the tops and bottoms are usually a small. In this case, it's best to buy them individually. Even with this however, we still have to take into account the fact that large can come in different sizes. Just a large won't fit everyone so it's important to find brands that also carry specific sizes. 

Just in time for the pool opening in my building, I was able to find the perfect bikini! Once again, Burlington Coat Factory came through for me and this bikini only cost me $16.99! The brand itself is called Eidon. Eidon bikinis come in a variety of sizes and the sets also have a mix of size. My bikini top is a DD and the bottoms are a large. I've seen other sets that are DD and small or DD and extra small so there should be a perfect set for everyone. 

I'll update this post later on with more pictures and the fit. What are some of your favorite places to get a decent swimsuit? Let me know in the comments section ;).